What People Say About Us

Here’s what some of the women who have used the Centre’s services have said:


About the Freedom Programme …

‘I wish I’d had this information 30 years ago’


‘I have learned so much about the dynamics of abusive relationships …’


‘The best part for me… I have been able, for the first time EVER, to talk freely about what happened without being judged or blamed …’


About the Counselling Service …


‘… in the short time I have been talking with you I have gone from rock bottom helplessness to a more confident, positive “me” with plans for the future and an ever-increasing ability to enjoy my life and appreciate my lovely family …’


‘Just a line to tell you I made a breakthrough with my sister … I feel much better. Whatever the outcome at last she knows how I feel … Thanks for listening’.


About being a counsellor in training …


‘there is a real sense of team here, very supportive, so can see how valuable a placement here would be’


‘on the whole the day was structured brilliantly, and was very informative, well presented and ‘fair’ for the whole group’


‘very professional and helpful’

Stockport Women's Centre

39 Greek Street



0161 355 4455

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