Personal Development

If you feel trapped, undervalued, confused or not sure what you want from life, we can help. We offer a range of personal development groups and activities.  We can help you make small, subtle, changes that add up to have a big positive impact on your life.

Come to the Women’s Centre - where there’s a relaxed, comfortable and supportive environment for you to express yourself freely, share your thoughts and feelings, explore new ideas and techniques, all to help you cope better with life.

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“I have moved on in my life independently, set small goals and achieved them and my positive life story continues.”

You could try group life coaching, motivational techniques, self-help reading, physical activity and being creative,  all designed to offer personal development in a positive, friendly and fun atmosphere.

We also offer ESOL courses, for women who have English as a second language

Throughout the year we run various personal development groups or individual opportunities to explore and grow. If you think this would interest you, get in touch.

“I use what I learned every day in my life and also pass it on to others and my child, I am due to have another child so will continue to pass it on in the future.”

ESOL Courses

As the building blocks of almost every single business, English and Maths are essential life skills that will help you through life. Whichever career path you choose to follow, there’s no better place to study English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), English or Maths than at SWC.

Our study programmes will help you develop your maths, speaking, reading, listening and writing skills, whatever your level and help set you up in a range of careers.


“With the help of the Women’s Centre I am working towards getting a job. I am making progress with my confidence and with spelling.”

Creative Activities

Come and enjoy a morning or afternoon sewing, knitting, art, or any number of other creative crafts.

You could join our Book Group or Creative Writing Workshops.

You’ll have the chance to spend time with other women, learn new skills, relax and have a good time

“It is important that opportunities to access courses like this are made available to everyone free of charge to encourage positivity and confidence in people which has a self-perpetuating process as it becomes part of the community as it spreads.”

Advice & Signposting

At the Centre we have contact with lots of other agencies and organisations. If we don’t know the answer we probably know someone who does! We may also be able to provide you with some initial legal advice


“I’ve received more help here in one morning than I got from the crisis team in three years.”

“It’s helped me to deal with ‘life stuff’ and to become more independent"

Part of a photographic project, exploring identity
A painting created by a member of our team, that welcomes women on arrival
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