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We Understand

We know that you may feel alone and we know it takes courage to seek help but you're here visiting our site and that shows you have taken that first important step.

We can offer 1-1 support taking into account your needs and how you wish to be supported. 

Once you have registered with us, you’ll be invited to attend an initial assessment. This means that you’ll be asked to tell us about what problems you are dealing with and start to look out how we can help you. The confidential assessment will be undertaken by a qualified and supportive member of our team. We’ll then help you to create a support plan, so that you understand what to expect and exactly how we’ll be supporting you.

Let's Talk
“I had become lost somehow . . . crying in the dark. The Women’s Centre made it easy for me to take responsibility for my journey to get well.”

The support team will work with any issue such as housing, benefits, relationships, including domestic abuse, criminal justice and offending, mental health, personal development, support at meetings and advocacy.

We want to reassure you that we will try to make your visit both to here and hopefully in person, as safe and reassuring as possible. We're women helping women. We understand you, we GET you, but importantly, we've got you and will do everything possible to help.

We are able to support you in a variety of ways. If you're unsure as to whether we can support you then please just get in touch.  We are here for YOU. We also offer a signposting service to other organisations who may be better placed to help. We understand and care about women just like you and offer a personalised approach. Go on, pick up that phone and let's talk. If you're not ready for that then please just drop us an email.

“The fact that a woman can come to one place and get all the support she needs from that one place. She is not being passed around from pillar to post but can come there to a safe environment where she knows the workers and they help to access the right services or will accompany them to a service to reduce any anxiety. It is the one stop shop approach that really works well.”

“The Women’s Centre; it’s like a desert island, you come in and get that peace and can forget about everything else.”

Our Approach To Help

A Woman Centred Approach

The service provided by Stockport Women's Centre is for women only. We believe that women need access to services within a women-only safe space. Most importantly, we recognise and understand that women’s needs are different to men’s. The services and support we provide needs to be delivered in such a way as to provide the best opportunity for positive outcomes for women. Women who are facing multiple challenges could be living with an overwhelming combination of problems, domestic violence, offending behaviour, physical and mental illness, substance misuse, unemployment and homelessness. If support for these challenges is offered in different locations it can make it difficult to access and maintain. By offering a Women's Centred Approach, we can act as a safe, reliable, comfortable and accessible solution.

 “It’s a safe place. You don’t experience prejudice here.”

A Trauma-Informed Approach

We have developed a trauma-informed approach to our work. Our team is well trained, empathetic and passionate about making a difference. We exist to support women and their recovery. Our approach is based on an understanding of, and responsiveness to, the impact of trauma. It emphasises physical, psychological and emotional safety and creates an opportunity for women to build a sense of control and empowerment.

“I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor and found that there isn’t much available (especially to understand how my abuse affected certain areas of my adult development). Having support made a great difference.”