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If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help, please get in touch.

A member of our team will go through the registration process with you, which takes about 15 minutes. We’ll ask for a few details, such as how to contact you etc. and then ask you a few questions (with yes or no answers) to find out what support you might need.

If you need more support you might need an assessment of your needs. In that case, we’ll then arrange for a date for an assessment, which may take about a week. These are currently being carried out over the phone and take around one hour to complete.

This is a full needs assessment looking at all areas of need and potential support we can provide following the assessment, you’ll be referred to the appropriate team who can give you the help that you’ve requested and are suitable for.

If you just want to get involved in one of our groups, or learning activities such as Art Group, Book Group, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Language) etc. you only need to be registered (and won’t need a full assessment). If this is the case, just give us a call or send an email and someone will get in touch.

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Please note this form is for individuals only and not for professional referrals. Professional referrers should contact the centre direct.

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